Non Destructive Entry by TKS in Enfield

Here at TKS we use specialist techniques to gain entry without causing damage to your door. If you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out in Enfield, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property.

The first thing to point out is that not all locks can be opened without destroying the lock. For Example, a British standard mortice lock can be a nightmare to open non destructively. They have so many safety features to prevent a burglary that opening one can be almost impossible. Therefore destroying this type of lock may be the only option for accessing the property. Apart from these locks however most household locks can be bypassed by our team!

Also, because we're close to the Enfield area (EN1 / EN2) we can usually get there within 30 minutes. We cover all aspects of general locksmith work.

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